Financial Statements Audits Service

In our financial statements audit, we embrace to accumulate proof and give an unbiased state of confirmation that the financial statements pursue best accounting standards (GAAP), international accounting standards (IASs) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) too.

Through our financial statements audit, we are seeking and confirming the accounting records and analyzing different confirmations supporting the financial statements.

By social event data about the organization and its condition, including interior control; reviewing archives; watching resources; making request inside and outside the organization; and performing other auditing systems, we will accumulate the proof important to issue an audit report.

What makes interest for financial statements audits service?

Financial statements audit service will be vital due to the accompanying:

The vast majority of experts in UAE will approach you for audited financial statements to renew the licenses (Free zones specialists dependably get some information about audited financial statements).

The vast majority of the banks in the UAE will request audited financial statements to think about the likelihood of endorsing the bank offices required by your organization.

Primary providers in UAE will approach you for audited financial statements to consider the likelihood of affirming the credit offices required by your organization.

Audited financial statements are obligatorily required by business organizations’ Federal law no. (8) of (1984) referring to articles from 144: 151, 246, 253, 270 for Limited Liability Companies, Private-joint Stock and Public-joint Stock

In the new proposed business organizations government law draft distributed in the papers and expected to be issued toward the finish of 2012 or 2013, the directors of LLC will be forced a fine on no legitimate accounting records kept up for the time of five years or on any purposeful covering up for the genuine financial position of the organization.

Audited financial statements considered one of the significant confirmations can bolster the claims and the legitimate debate in support of the organization and the other way around.

Audited financial statements can support the administration, the proprietors, the outer and the inward gatherings to decide the unwavering quality of the company’s’ financial position.

Audited financial statements give an abnormal state of affirmation that the financial statements pursue the (IASs) and the (IFRSs).

Auditors constantly considered as an expert counsellor to the records offices and the administration, the records divisions continually getting some information about the best routine with regards to accounting and inward control.

How we can help you:

Our work considers all present and where proper, imminent auditing, accounting, and revealing guidelines and direction. Our audit customers incorporate huge numbers of the U.A.E’s. driving organizations, just as numerous little and medium-sized organizations.

  • Compliance with guidelines
  • Guidance on controls and processing system shortcomings
  • Affirmation of accounting measures as for complex transaction
  • Expanded checking of imminent accounting and administrative changes
  • Autonomous audit of remotely announced information
  • Bookkeeping reports

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