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AL SAADI & ASSOCIATES AUDITING has the expertise and dedication to ensure you receive the appropriate advice to help you comply with the Tax laws and regulations in UAE.

Excise tax is levied on the products which are typically harmful and dangerous for human health and the environment. The purpose of implementing excise tax is to reduce or avoid the consumption of unhealthy and harmful commodities while increasing the government revenues that can be spent for the development and public services.

Under Cabinet Decision No. 52 of 2019 on Excise Goods, the rate of excise tax is as follows:

50 % excise tax on carbonated drinks

100 % excise tax on energy drinks

100 % excise tax on tobacco products

100 % excise tax on electronic smoking devices

100 % excise tax on liquids used in such devices and tools

50 % excise tax on any product with added sugar or other sweeteners.

AL SAADI & ASSOCIATES AUDITING is the leading accounting/auditing firm in providing the best excise tax advisory in the UAE.

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